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Commercial Assessment

Evaluation of the global commercial potential for each of our clients’ technologies including input from key opinion leaders in the relevant field

Intellectual Property*

Commercial evaluation of the patentability, validity, freedom to operate and enforceability of our clients’ intellectual property portfolio (e.g., patents, trademarks, copyrights, know how, trade secrets, software, and social media) related to each technology


Regulatory/Clinical Matters

Assisting our clients to navigate any governmental regulatory requirements surrounding their technology and assessing the likelihood of successful compliance with any such regulations

Review and evaluation of any available data and information related to our client’s technology, if applicable, and designing the most efficient pathway to success

Partnership Arrangements

Identification and approach to financial and strategic partners

Assist potential partners with deal evaluation

Assist with deal negotiation and document preparation for selected partner

* NOTE: Novitious, LLC is not a law firm and it does not provide legal services of any kind. All parties should retain their own independent legal counsel and financial and tax advisors